The total number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide reaches 8,735 and Colombia remains the leader in Latin America


CoinATMRadar statistics show that since July 1st, a total of 209 Bitcoin ATMs have been recently installed worldwide. As of July 20, the number of Bitcoin ATMs deployed worldwide has reached 8,737.

In Latin America, Colombia is the dominant country with 58 machines, while in Latin America, Spain leads the ranking with 82 locations, tied with Switzerland in the fifth position worldwide.

This number also includes machines that host digital currencies other than Bitcoin (BTC), including assets such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Dash (DASH) and Litecoin (LTC).

This increased interest in digital assets has shown the potential for this market to grow, which is why the number of ATMs that allow some type of transaction with these digital currencies, such as buying or selling, has been growing.

There are now more than 8,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide

First Bitcoin ATM in the world
The first ATM to exchange Bitcoins started operating in 2013 in the Canadian city of Vancouver. By allowing customers to exchange Bitcoin for cash, and vice versa, the machine saw USD 10,000 in BTC transactions on its launch day.

Built by Robocoin, the ATMs had the ability to exchange this digital currency for cash and vice versa. To buy Bitcoins, users first had to scan the palm of their hand.

It was also learned that the maximum that can be entered into the ATM is 3,000 Canadian dollars per day. The scan is done to prevent transactions for a higher amount, which would be in contravention of Canadian law to prevent money laundering.

Russia’s largest bank is buying 5,000 Blockchain ATMs that can withdraw crypto coins

The United States leads the number of Bitcoin ATMs
The United States is the leader in the region with an 83.1% market share as of June, according to data provided by AksjeBloggen.

While Europe ranked as the second leading region worldwide with 1,147 Bitcoin ATMs, a 14.2% share of the total number. Asia ranked third with 123 ATMs.

Stagnation in some countries
However, in other nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Austria and Spain, the growth in the number of ATMs supporting virtual currencies has basically stagnated.

Asia still lags behind in terms of Bitcoin Loophole ATM installations, with a small percentage of all cryptographic ATMs located in Asian countries, the vast majority of which are located in Hong Kong.

In general, however, the vast majority of developed countries have at least one cryptographic ATM, including almost all countries in Europe and North America.